Tree nurseries

State hunting preserve “Nessebar” has a long experience in afforestration and nursery production. There are two forest nurseries “Pomorie” and ”Poroi”.

The tree nursery “Pomorie” has 140 thousand square meters for production of saplings used primarily for garden design. The nursery is also trading small amounts of saplings to customers for private gardens and hotel gardens. The saplings can be purchased all year round, even in vegetation periods, due to the container grow that is utilized in the nursery.

The tree nursery “Pomorie” is producing also Christmas trees - European black pine, fir and others. There is possibility for planting the Christmas trees in the reserve after the winter holidays.

The tree nursery “Poroi” has 270 thousand square meters. It is dedicated to production of saplings for afforestration and forestry needs, as also for roadside trees. There is also a seeding production garden. The seeds produces have a quality certificate. Customers can order also saplings from seeds. The nursery “Poroi” offers also saplings to garden design companies.

How to find us?

Tree Nursery “Pomorie” is located on the main road Bourgas - Sunny Beach via Pomorie. It is situated next to the road on the left side when driving from Pomorie towards Sunny beach, 3 km after the city of Pomorie.

Tree Nursery “Poroi” is located 5 km away from the main road Bourgas-Varna (via Kableshkovo), turning towards the village of Poroi.